About Us

The China Town Group of Companies is located in St. Lucia “Simply Beautiful”, the paradise of the Caribbean.

The China Town Group of Companies was founded by a Chinese national in 1998 and began its operation in the year 2000 with a small general merchandise store called China Town Inc. Within eight (8) years the business expanded rapidly and now boasts a chain of retail outlets, restaurants, a wholesale outlet and a supermarket.

Since the commencement of the group of companies the slogan “At China Town We Don’t Sell Cheap Things, We Sell Good Things Cheaper” has become our motto. This attractive slogan has been our guide for many years and we always do our best to provide the most reliable quality in goods and services.

The company’s logo is very significant. The red roof symbolizes “The People” who are the most important asset of the company. This also means that the staff, (a combination of Chinese and St. Lucian nationals), is the real engine of the company’s growth. With this combination comes the power that keeps the company moving frontward.

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